Tuesday, 13 November 2012

GPMS lodges report against Kuin

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 ALOR STAR: The Kedah chapter Federation of Malay Students (GPMS) has lodged a police report against state- owned Kolej Universiti Insaniah (Kuin) over allegations that the university college had offered a first degree course, which has yet to be accredited.

Its chairman Shamsul Bahar Abdul Rani claimed Kuin had  failed to obtain accreditation for its Bachelor's Degree in  Quranic studies from the Malaysian Qualification Agency.

Shamsul said the movement was disappointed with the  university college for such blunder, which had affected the  future of students who graduated from the three-year pro gramme.

“Due to this hiccup, eight people who had graduated from  the course, could not a secure a proper job as their qual ification was not recognised.

 “Not only that the graduates have no proper job, each of  them are dealing with an education debt of about RM15,000  per person.

“We learned that one of them had worked as a taxi driver  while another as a rubber tapper to earn income. It is a pity  that the graduates have become a victim for the university  college's mistake,” he told reporters when met at the Kota  Star district police headquarters here yesterday.

The students, who was scheduled to accompany the move ment, were not present due to privacy reason.Shamsul also expressed the movement's intention to em ploy the graduates as a tutor for Quranic studies at their  tuition centre in Jalan Sultan Badlishah here, which is  expected to commence operation next month.

“GPMS is moved by the plight of the graduates and hope  that the job offer would lessen their burden and help them to  make repayments for the education loan,” he said.

Shamsul said the movement was concern with fate of the  new student enrolled for the same programme and urged  Kuin to resolve the problem immediately.

State Education Committee chairman Datuk Mohamed  Taulan Mat Rasul, when contacted, admitted that the course  have yet to be accredited but stressed that the matter is being  resolve.

“The university college had submitted a proposal to ac credit the programme previously but was asked to do some  correction by the MQA.

“Kuin has submitted a fresh proposal and we are waiting  for the agency to response. I believed that the problem would  be resolved soon,” he said.